Ginger garlic paste(preservative free)

Ginger and Garlic is an essential ingredient in Indian cooking. I normally purchase them in a nearby Produce where they usually sell it in bulk (2-3 pounds). It would go stale if we didn't use them up within a month. So I came up with the idea of freezing it by converting it into a paste to make it last longer & fresher. The main advantage of this over store bought bottled ginger-garlic paste is the lack of preservatives on this one.The frozen paste as I mentioned lasts longer & also retains the freshness. I have been using this method for over a year & have not run into any issues so far. You may also freeze them directly without making them into a paste. This way you can take them out & grate them onto your dishes directly whenever you like. However, to me, paste seems to be a more convenient approach than direct freezing. Below is the method for paste making & freezing.

1. Peel the skin from ginger or garlic whichever paste you are planning to make.
2. Grind the peeled ginger or garlic into a fine paste.
3.  Fill about 1/4th size of a freezer bag. Over filling will make the job tougher to break the ginger paste when needed. Garlic is usually pliable,so it doesn't matter even if you make the garlic sheet a little thicker.Ginger paste gets harder like ice when frozen. Simply add the paste 1/4 or less than the bag size.
4. Take out the air & seal the bag. Spread the paste into an even, thin layer  of sheet & freeze the paste by laying it flat in the freezer.
5. Whenever you need the paste, just break the quantity you need for cooking & put the remaining in the freezer.


  1. Hi Anna,

    Just visiting your blog for the first time, really enjoyed reading. I would give you a tip, instead breaking the gg paste when it is frozen keep the paste in silicone ice cube trays, once frozen remove and keep in zip lock bags, this way you don't have to be hard on yourself while breaking.


  2. Hi Rajani,
    That is a good tip. Thank You.

  3. Well...A more easier way is...when you make the paste....take a ice cube tray....pour the paste into the tray...when the ginger/garlic paste is frozen...take them out and preserve them in zip bags....the most easier way to preserve ginger..:) use those cubes as ur requirement then.

  4. i have been making garlic paste for 2 years now with excellent results. I put fresh peeled garlic in my food processor and process with olive oil until the consistancy i want ..easy enough..then i put the paste in small glass jars..babyfood jars or the very small kerr jelly jars and then i put them in the freezer. One jar in the frig last a month or more..they make great hostess gifts! This is the method i will be doing this year will not be disapointed!

  5. Thank you for your new idea. I was just curious, if it changes colour when stored in fridge. Let me know.